How to find a job in online marketing

Last updated on Jun 25, 2015

Working as an online marketer is truly amazing. You get paid for doing plenty of fun stuff every day. And here’s the good news for you: Finding a job in online marketing is a lot easier than you think! Read this post for some advice on how to become an online marketer.

Some useful skills for online marketing

If you possess one or more of the following skills, you have good chances of becoming a good online marketer:

  • Communication
  • Writing
  • Coding
  • Foreign languages (or, even better, more than one native language)
  • Graphic design
  • Technical understanding
  • Affinity for social media

I will add to this list when I have more ideas. Note for the geniuses among you: If you have all of the above skills, you’re hired! Please send me your bank account number so we know where to transfer your salary.

Important characteristics of successful online marketers

Obviously, skills are not everything. An important part of being a good online marketer is your work attitude. Here are some chracteristics that will help you:

  • Self-drivenness (what a weird word)
  • Curiosity
  • Tenacity (another amazing word)
  • Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Open-mindedness
  • Sociality > Networking

This list will also be extended when I have more ideas. Here’s more good news for you: Most of the skills and chracteristics mentioned above can be learnt, especially when you are still young. So don’t be afraid!

Where to apply for an online marketing position

If you want to start a career in online marketing, you should definitely look for an opportunity in an agency. When you work in an online marketing agency, you get the chance to try out different areas of online marketing, get to know different types of businesses and learn something new every day. There are plenty of good online marketing agencies out there, so just go and check them out.

How to apply for a job in an online marketing agency

Don’t look for job listings! Believe me, most online marketing agencies have more jobs to offer than they put on their websites. And if they don’t even post open positions on their websites, you can imagine that they certainly will not use job portals like Monster or Stepstone. If you find an agency that you would like to work for, just send them a casual e-mail, introduce yourself, explain your motivation and ask for opportunities. In most cases this will be enough to get invited for an interview.


When should you apply for a job in an online marketing agency?

The best time to start working in an online marketing agency is probably while you are still studying. This way you can start gathering some experience while you are still young and not dependent of your salary, but you will be able to earn some extra pocket money (and you will need a decent sized pocket). Alas, not everybody gets the chance to study. But don’t worry! Here’s more good news for you: You don’t need an academic background to get into online marketing (although, to be completely honest, it would help you in many ways)! This leads us to the next point…

Required educational background for a career in online marketing

Seriously, there are no specific requirements. If you have the balls (what is the politically correct term for this?), you can be an amazing online marketer no matter where you come from. Nevertheless, here are some useful educational backgrounds for online marketers:

  • Graphic design
  • Philology and linguistics
  • Business administration studies
  • Journalism
  • Programming
  • Statistics

This list, just like all the others in this post, is extendable. To make it short, you can basically work in an online marketing position with any kind of background. Some of the most gifted online marketers I’ve met are musicians or anthropologists and some even studied things as random as marketing. 😉

Pro advice: Gather your own online marketing experience

There’s no better way to gather your first online marketing experiences, than to start your own project. You know how to write? Start a blog about something you love, try different strategies to make it popular and use different tools to measure your success. You don’t know how to do that? What did we learn about self-drivenness? Go and figure it out!

You don’t know how to write? Don’t worry, there are so many ways to do online marketing without having to write! You could help small businesses of friends and relatives with their local SEO, you could start a podcast, you could become a star in your favourite social network or, best of all, just come out with something I can’t even think of!

Follow the right influencers and build an online reputation

Staying informed in the quickly changing world of online marketing is an important challenge for everybody in the sector. You should create profiles on Google+, Linkedin, Twitter (and so on), find the important online marketing influencers and follow their activities. And, as soon as you start sharing and commenting interesting content and engaging in conversations, you will quickly build a follower base of your own. Try it out, it’s fun!

Are you looking for an opportunity in online marketing?

If what I described above appeals to you and if you are looking for an online marketing job in Brussels or Cologne, please get in contact. We are always looking for bright minds to support our teams. Or, if you are looking for an opportunity in another location, you can also give me a shout. I will be glad to share what I know about interesting employers across the globe.

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