How to measure ROI in B2B online marketing

Last updated on Jul 23, 2015

If you are an online marketer in a B2B company, measuring the ROI (return on investment) of your different online marketing channels can be quite a big challenge. The insights you can normally gather with web analytics end as soon as a prospect of yours fills out a contact form on your website, or, even worse, if your visitors leave your website without any noticeable action. Your web analytics will need some extra features if your sales process depends heavily on lead generation. Here’s how to measure ROI in B2B online marketing.

Track inbound phone calls

You are probably giving your website visitors several options to get in contact with you on your website. One possibility might be a contact form, which you are tracking and which you wish more people would use. You might even have a live chat on your website, so that your prospects can type in their questions in and get immediate response. But the most popular way to get in contact with you is probably still to just grab the phone and give you a call. Do you display phone numbers on your website? In this case you should definitely implement inbound call tracking (and integrate your call tracking data into your web analytics tool), otherwise you risk missing out on valuable data that you need for your future marketing planning and budget decisions.


Link your lead management to your web analytics

If you measure the generation of leads as conversions, you will very soon get sick and bored of the data you are collecting. Knowing that 57 users filled out your contact form or that you received 123 calls from your last AdWords campaign does not buy you anything. What you are really interested in are sales! There’s an easy way to track sales in your web analytics system, let’s say Google Analytics. Your lead management tool can send back an event with a sales value to Google Analytics as soon as a deal is closed. The revenue can then be linked to the former actions of the user on the website. You can attribute the amount you earned to the different channels through which the user visited your website and to the content he consumed on your website.

Send inbound call data to your lead management

To close the circuit, it will also be necessary to link your inbound call tracking to your lead management system. It is easy for your lead management system to collect lead data and Google Analytics identifiers through contact forms and chat applications on your website. To collect this data from incoming phone calls, some extra adjustments will be necessary. Make sure you work with phone tracking and lead management providers that are felxible enough to make custom changes to your accounts.

The closed circuit of ROI measurement in B2B online marketing

  • Track all incoming leads, including phone calls
  • Collect Google Analytics data in your lead management system
  • Send sales events back to Google Analytics that are linked to previous actions of the same user
  • Multi-channel ROI analyses of your lead generating website is now possible
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