I'm Eoghan Henn, a freelance technical marketer.
Please pronounce Eoghan like Owen.

I prefer to let my clients speak for me:

Luke Fitzgerald

Head of SEO at Wolfgang Digital

“Eoghan has been an exceptional trusted partner and friend to our agency since we first connected over some international SEO support back in 2016. Since then, our relationship has grown from strength to strength, with Eoghan helping to upskill our team around technical SEO, Google Tag Manager and internationalisation concepts and providing stellar support with our ever-evolving German SEO and migration service offerings. Always generous with his time and effort, Eoghan is more than just a partner to us; we've come to think of him as an external member of our team, such is the bond we've built and the trust he's earned through his hard work, unrivalled expertise and continual thirst for knowledge. I'm not quite sure why I'm telling anyone this though, he's one of our secret weapons! :)”

Michael Prothmann


“Eoghan is an outstanding online marketing expert with one central goal: Best results and better skills for his clients. He has not only maximized our online KPIs - he also trains our junior consultants in PPC and SEO and helps us make the right strategic decisions for our clients’ digital marketing success. We appreciate his talent for explaining complex topics in a simple way and the transparency of his communication: We always know exactly why he recommends a certain course of action and what the expected outcome and alternative options are. Since we’ve started working with Eoghan, our company’s competency in PPC and SEO has grown and matured significantly, thanks to his ongoing support.”

Hendrik Salewski

Managing Director at Reifen24

“For many years Eoghan has been helping me improve the profitability of my e-commerce businesses by customising Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager, making sure all paid and organic traffic sources are tracked correctly, implementing advanced attribution models and controlling marketing-related costs and return on investment. In addition to this, he has instructed my development and content teams on how to optimise our e-commerce platforms for search engines, which resulted in significant revenue growth via organic search traffic.”

Amsal Alihodzic

Senior Marketing Manager at CMS

“Since Eoghan started supporting our global SEO efforts, our traffic from search engines has grown significantly every year. At CMS, we have a technically complex international website with over 50 country and language versions. Eoghan helps us make the right decisions and find search engine friendly solutions for the continuous improvement of our platform. As a consultant for our central marketing team, he also works closely with country managers around the globe and is a trusted partner for all questions around SEO, web analytics and PPC.”

Oliver Streyl

Web Analyst at SIEMES Schuhcenter

“In 2016, Eoghan helped us migrate all of our tracking scripts (web analytics, conversion tracking, a/b testing, affiliate tracking, retargeting, etc.) to Google Tag Manager. Since then, he has been supporting us with extending and improving our different tracking setups and he has trained our e-commerce team in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, via workshops at our office and online webinars. We value the fact that Eoghan is always willing to transfer his knowledge to us and that he helps us develop better technical skills related to Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and the different tracking solutions we use.”

This is what I'm working on right now:

Since 2016

Co-founder of searchVIU, a software startup that provides a website migration SEO tool - SaaS marketing (for searchVIU) & Technical SEO consulting (for searchVIU’s clients).

Consulting for CMS, an international law firm - International & Technical SEO, PPC, Google Tag Manager, Web Analytics, Cloudflare.

Training, mentoring and consulting for Wolfgang Digital, a digital marketing agency (Various client projects) - International & Technical SEO, Google Tag Manager, SEO for German speaking markets.

Training and consulting for SIEMES Schuhcenter, an online shop for shoes - Google Tag Manager, Web Analytics, Cloudflare.

Since 2017

Consulting for Reifen24.de, an online shop for tyres - SEO, Web Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Cloudflare.

Lecturer at the University of Santiago de Compostela - Teaching the PPC module of the Digital Marketing Master’s Programme.

Since 2018

Training and consulting for MPCG, a business consultancy (Various client projects) - SEO & PPC.

Some of my blog articles:

I currently publish most of my blog articles on the searchVIU blog. The topics I write about include International SEO, Web Analytics, SEO Experiments & Website Migration SEO.

Here are my top recommendations:

Testing redirects before and after a website migration

Among all of the factors you have to consider when migrating a website, your URL redirects are probably the single most important one. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about testing your redirects before and after a website migration.

Migrating from ccTLDs to a gTLD – The WHY, the HOW, and the WTF

This article highlights when and why it might make sense to move from a multi-ccTLD approach to a single-gTLD strategy, by looking at a case study and the SEO theory behind the topic. It also features technical advice for the migration itself and opinions from international SEO experts.

Things I can do:

If you've read the testimonials and looked at my current projects, you already have a pretty good idea of what I can do for my clients. Here's a summary:

  • Strategic digital marketing consulting
  • Google Tag Manager configurations
  • International SEO consulting
  • PPC training and consulting
  • Cloudflare optimisations
  • Technical SEO projects
  • Website migration SEO (via searchVIU)
  • Mentoring, training, webinars, workshops

How to get in contact with me:

The best way to get in contact with me is through my profiles on Twitter and Linkedin or by sending me a message through this contact form. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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