My work

When working with clients, I build long-term relationships.

As a reliable part of your team, my role is to fill the gap between marketing and web development.

This is who I’m working with right now and what my clients say about me:

CMS, an international law firm (since 2016)

International & Technical SEO, Tag Management, Web Analytics.

Maria Wegrzynowska, Online Marketing Manager at CMS:

“Since Eoghan started supporting our global SEO efforts, our traffic from search engines has grown significantly every year. At CMS, we have a technically complex international website with over 50 country and language versions. Eoghan helps us make the right decisions and find search engine friendly solutions for the continuous improvement of our platform. As a consultant for our central marketing team, he also works closely with country managers around the globe and is a trusted partner for all questions around SEO and web analytics.”

SIEMES Schuhcenter, an online shop for shoes (since 2016)

Tag Management, Web Analytics.

Robert Flanz, Head of E-Commerce at SIEMES Schuhcenter:

“In 2016, Eoghan helped us migrate all of our tracking scripts (web analytics, conversion tracking, a/b testing, affiliate tracking, retargeting, etc.) to Google Tag Manager. Since then, he has been supporting us with extending and improving our different tracking setups and he has trained our e-commerce team in Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, via workshops at our office and online webinars. We value the fact that Eoghan is always willing to transfer his knowledge to us and that he helps us develop better technical skills related to Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics and the different tracking solutions we use.”, an online shop for tyres (since 2017)

Technical SEO, Tag Management, Web Analytics.

Hendrik Salewski, Managing Director at Reifen24:

“For many years Eoghan has been helping me improve the profitability of my e-commerce businesses by customising Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager, making sure all paid and organic traffic sources are tracked correctly, implementing advanced attribution models and controlling marketing-related costs and return on investment. In addition to this, he has instructed my development and content teams on how to optimise our e-commerce platforms for search engines, which resulted in significant revenue growth via organic search traffic.”

MPCG, a business consultancy (since 2018)

SEO, Web Analytics.

Michael Prothmann, CEO at MPCG:

“Eoghan is an outstanding online marketing expert with one central goal: Best results and better skills for his clients. He has not only maximized our online KPIs – he also trains our junior consultants in Web Analytics and SEO and helps us make the right strategic decisions for our clients’ digital marketing success. We appreciate his talent for explaining complex topics in a simple way and the transparency of his communication: We always know exactly why he recommends a certain course of action and what the expected outcome and alternative options are. Since we’ve started working with Eoghan, our company’s competency in Web Analytics and SEO has grown and matured significantly, thanks to his ongoing support.”

Zamnesia, an international cannabis retailer (since 2020)

International & Technical SEO, Tag Management, Web Analytics.

Nick Avé, General Manager at Zamnesia:

“We started working with Eoghan in 2020 to improve our website’s technical SEO, and I am impressed by the results we have achieved together. He has transformed our website’s health and has ensured that we are running on Google Analytics 4, making it easier for us to analyze our website’s performance. What I appreciate most about working with Eoghan is his dedication to his work and making sure every issue is researched till we find the perfect solution. Thanks to Eoghan our team’s knowledge of SEO has increased, and we are now better equipped to make informed decisions about our website’s strategy. Eoghan’s expertise, professionalism, and willingness to go the extra mile make him a valuable partner. If you are looking for someone to help with your website’s SEO, I highly recommend Eoghan as long as no one takes up too much of his time since he can spend that on us ;)”